Why this podcast is different...

Welcome to our podcast "from the trenches" - Real Life in the Accounting Industry.

Unlike most podcasts that rely on wide-ranging discussion that is often long and hard to follow, we want to deliver rapid fire content and provide a structure that allows listeners to go straight to the information they like. We will split our podcast up in to segments that give listeners the ability to enjoy the whole podcast or piece by piece when time allows. 

If you only have 5-10 minutes, you shouldn't miss out being able to jump straight to the segment you wish to listen to. 

What to expect

All our podcasts will follow a set agenda:

Start - Welcome

m0:30 - Best on ground / Worst on ground - David and Paul will each comment on their best and worst of the week. This could be anything from a feature release, industry announcement, twitter 'discussion'. It will be lighthearted but cut to the core of what's happening in our industry. 

m5:30 - Media Watch / Calling out the Fake News - Here David and Paul will debate, discuss and otherwise debunk their biggest FAKE NEWS story of the week. We all know there are a lot of them out there. A segment not to be missed. 

m10:30 - Fast 5 in 5 - This rapid format ‘5 questions in 5 minutes’ special guest interview will include some of the leaders in the Accounting Industry. Less waffle, more answers. 

m15:30 - In-depth topic - Each week David and Paul will explore a topic in the Accounting industry. 

m25:30 - Closing remarks