7. Artifical Intelligence V Intelligence - will AI live up to the hype?


Paul was wined and dined by QuickBooks at the SCG, David is fed up with CPA Australia dragging down the profession, Forbes offer a beautifully well balanced article about the future of automation, 5 in 5 is taken to the people as we begin interviewing real accountants and David says we should be celebrating property tycoon Tim Gurner not cutting him down like a tall poppy.

0- 1.40 Welcome

1.41 BOG Paul – Quick Books Connect and a review of where the product is going. Paul got star struck by the celebrities and the amount of resources being thrown at the product.

4.15 BOG David – QB v Xero Stoushes and Meissner V Accountants Daily in twitter stoushes covering QB Connect. Rod Drury’s accessibility on twitter is how leadership should be done in 2017

7.50 BOG David – Defending Tim Gurner and Australia’s tall poppy syndrome is bad for Australia. Tim’s message about spending habits should be heard by accountants advising clients. http://www.news.com.au/finance/real-estate/buying/tim-gurner-responds-to-backlash-to-4-coffee-and-smashed-avocado-comments/news-story/3f1dab7c3c19a7ac5d126039a5803caf

10.25 WOG David – CPA Australia is starting to make the entire industry look bad because the average customer of accounting services don’t know the difference between CPA and CA.  http://www.afr.com/brand/rear-window/is-cpa-australia-fudging-its-membership-growth-numbers-20170517-gw6zy1

13.20 WOG Paul – The ATO tax Fraud Scandal – Is this a tv mini series is the making? http://www.theage.com.au/nsw/the-close-calls-that-almost-derailed-a-165-million-tax-fraud-syndicate-20170518-gw80ab.html

15.45 5 in 5 – 10 5 in 5s recorded at QuickBooks Connect Adam Ramage Director Lang Lanyon Partners http://www.lanyonpartners.com.au/

23.52 Media Watch – The most balanced article about the future of accounting ever. https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesfinancecouncil/2017/05/16/looking-ahead-how-automation-will-change-the-accounting-industry/#7be9e6767f30

28.10 Will the impact of Artificial Intelligence live up to the marketing and tech hype.