8. We refuse to be ''Ubered''


Get excited, because we did. We aren’t happy about being compared to taxi drivers who got ‘’Ubered’’, we think its unfair that we have to pay 20c to use pay pass, Receipt Bank is nailing customer service, Xero V MYOB is better than an Epic Spy v Spy from Mad magazine and Nick Ciccocioppo gives some ripper advise about testing apps.

0.00       Welcome

0.38       BOG David Receipt Bank’s relationship management is elite

BOG Paul Quickbooks financial results announced and Rod Drury (Xero) was a gentleman about it https://twitter.com/roddrury/status/867129307755192320

BOG Paul  MYOB trolling XERO with billboard promotions next to the Xero building https://twitter.com/roddrury/status/866496208407216132

5.32       WOG David Vendors who charge extra for pay pass and merchant feeshttps://www.linkedin.com/hp/update/6272543123197558784

WOG  Depreciation schedule businesses saying new depreciation laws have gone too far – Of course they have, it directly threatens their business! https://www.accountantsdaily.com.au/tax-compliance/10260-concern-new-depreciation-legislation-too-wide

14.15     5 ON 5 with Nick Nick Ciccocioppo from http://www.accomplicesolutions.com.au/

21.17     MEDIA WATCH Odyssey Resources claiming that florists are being commoditised as much as accountants have been (AKA Paul’s favourite topic).  https://www.odyssey-resources.com/2017/05/black-swan-event-just-corner-australian-compliance/

26.15     IN DEPTH TOPC: Why the Uber of Everything doesn’t relate to our professions