9. Is the CPA Australia saga having a negative impact on all accountants?





David reviews the Australian Accounting Awards, Rod Drury sets the media strait (though they didn't bother reporting on it) and we have a thorough conversation about why things needs to change with the way the CPA saga is being handled and reported.





Welcome - 0:00

BOG - 0:59

Paul - The Good The Bad and The Ugly Technology report, Bad signs for MYOB

David- Reviews the Australian Accounting Awards https://www.momentummedia.com.au/2017/05/26/winners-announced-for-the-2017-australian-accounting-awards/

WOG - 9:40

David - The instant asset write off deduction is over rated and not many SMEs are using it https://www.accountantsdaily.com.au/news/10274-smes-not-utilising-20k-write-off-survey-shows

Paul - David Koch has given the wrong tax advice in a very public manner http://www.news.com.au/finance/david-and-libby-koch/beware-capital-gains-tax-when-leaving-the-family-home-to-loved-ones/news-story/275d1f5500ace6f65903373059ddf961  

5in5 - 17:30

Chris Hooper Accodex Partners https://www.accodex.com/

Media watch - 27:05

When the CEO of Xero talks down the death of compliance, the automation of our jobs and the reduced role of the accountant, even in the face of IE, mainstream media should listen https://therevolutionaryfirm.com/podcast/rod-drury/


Indepth Topic - 34:10

The CPA Australia Saga is hurting our industry. You can read all about the media announcements in this great summary http://www.cmawebline.org/ontarget/the-lack-of-transparency-at-cpa-australia-a-synopsis-of-media-reports/