22. How to Love Staff w/ Andrew Van De Beek


From the Trenches decided to skip episode #21 because.............well because skipping numbers seemed to have worked for trump tower and our producer doesn't seem to be able to count.

The show went on though with Xero Firm of the year winner Andrew Van De Beek filling in for Paul Meissner who is still out of the trenches and in the infirmary. 

Best on Ground


Customer Experience Matters says MYOB & Receipt Bank - we agree



David v Golia…Deloitte

Absolute empowerment to the little firm taking on the CPA Deloitte audit



Worst on Ground


More proof the ‘’robots will kill us’’ camp are miles off with the AFR publishing not 1 but 3 articles dulling down the impact of rise of the machines.


Robotic Process Automation

Our mate Sri Annaswamy described robotic process automation the ‘’consulting scam of the century’’  http://www.afr.com/technology/robotic-process-automation-on-demand-as-consultants-get-disrupted-20170816-gxx6b0


Block Chain

‘’The truth is the only people making any money out of blockchain at present are conference producers.’’ 



Artificial Intelligence

Almost no one is ready for it now so it is nowhere near ready to take all our SME jobs and still relies on quality data inputs



Media Watch

Stop fear selling to us. If you can't convey the value of your product without putting something else down then your product doesn't have enough value.