Special: From the Generals- Xero - Rod Drury | Trent Innes | Craig Winkler

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From the Generals is a Special Edition podcast where Paul Meissner and David Boyar interview the Icons, Titans & Leaders of the accounting industry and go beyond the headlines and sales speak.

The Xero Generals are up first.

We talk to people who's vision, executive management and global attitudes have completely re shaped accounting (but not the classic T Ledger according to Trent Innes).

Rod Drury Founder & CEO Xero

- Conveying a Vision

- Growing your own SME

- The importance of building a Tribe


Trent Innes - Managing Director of Xero Australia

- Transitioning leadership at Xero

- Managing media exposure

- Working with accountants and book keepers (hint, Trent is in fact a CPA) 

- Why T accounts still work


Craig Winkler - Founder of MYOB and Early Xero Investor, Board Member-  Philanthropy Australia

- The true start up journey from spare bedroom to IPO

- How to pick a tech winner as an investor

- How to give back once success is achieved

- Why you should only ever focus on what your clients need