#41. What will stay the same in 2018?

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the first show of 2018! In this episode, Paul and David discuss their respective summer adventures as well as the usual segments covering blockchain to bean counters and everything in between.

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04:33 Best on Ground: Link

Paul Meissner - Exploding the Myth of the Accountant’s Race to the Bottom


‘Its not a fear or a threat - it’s an opportunity’

David Boyar - Accountants Need to Brace Themselves for AI and Blockchain


‘Half of accountants ask: “What’s Blockchain? This stuff is coming, be aware and be alert.’

10:55 Worst on Ground: Link


Bean Counter Image Tipped to Fade


‘Strategic partnerships to take centre stage in 2018’


CPA Australia ‘Brandjacked’


‘New year, new scandal: CPA is under fire again’

20:45 5 in 5 Summary:  Link

Luke Nguyen is an ambitious and driven student going through university, here’s a summary of his thoughts on the market, building connections and the education system:

  • For students these days, networking and building connections is paramount when job-seeking
  • Universities are looking towards providing flexibility of study and practical opportunities
  • There is a notable feeling of angst and hesitation toward the accounting job market

28:11 In-Depth Topic: Link

Paul and David have taken a different approach to New Year resolutions – thankfully not involving selfies – and have chosen three things that they feel WON’T change this year.

David Boyar

  • As a business owner, despite my ambition and goals, I’ll still feel that I won’t be able to get done what I actually want to get done
  • Almost as an inherent part of being an accountant, there will still be a sceptical eye toward partnerships and offshoring
  • Even though it will slowly become integrated (and understood), Blockchain and Bitcoin will remain a mystery to the overwhelming majority of us

Paul Meissner

  • Accountants will be far too busy to look at what they want to look at, as they will still be buried under the weight of compliance and restrictions.
  • Software companies and their offerings will continually fail to provide the efficiency and effectiveness they set out to deliver
  • Despite being on everybody’s lips, AI will continue to be largely an overhyped myth