#52 How To Handle A Short Work Week

Relaxed and refreshed after the Easter break, they delve into issues, commentary and insight into the future of the accounting profession as far as industry bodies, automation and the competitive landscape are concerned. 

They also sit down with Paul Murray from AccountKit along with discussing their tips for handling a short work week!

‘From The Trenches’ - Real Life in the Accounting Industry presented by Paul Meissner and David Boyar.


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Show Notes


1:03 Best on Ground



IFAC Global SMP Survey


‘There’s no hidden agenda, get on it listeners’


Future of Organisations and Work


‘Great signs for the accounting profession’


Big Four Face Global Threats


‘End of the Big Four?!’



Accountants Talking Back to Industry Bodies


‘Speaking up is the only way to impact change’


9:08 Worst on Ground


Tesla Robots Are Killing It


Are robots the first or last line of attack?


Two Bots Chatting


Definitely worth a watch!



CA Australia Facebook Group


‘A completely materially misstated data set, where was CA?’


MYOB’s Acquisition of Reckon Hits Hurdles with ACCC


‘News topic worth following if you use MYOB’


The Royale Coin


‘What On Earth Is This?’


26:47 5 in 5 Summary:

This week the boys chat with Paul Murray, Director of Murray Business Solutions and co-founder of AccountKit, to get his thoughts on what it does and what it means for the industry. Here is a summary of his thoughts:

·      AccountKit came from a need within the firm – primarily move toward a cloud-based accounting

·      In a saturated accounting softwate market, the best products directly deal with the problems and issues presented by the client base

·      Compliance isn’t dead, accounting software allows for real time data and a forward-looking value add


31:46 In-Depth Topic:

The boys provide their three respective suggestions for handling a short work week:



1. Allow yourself a break and the ‘permission’ to not cover absolutely everything

2. Find some extra time. Don’t make the whole week a break

3. Focus on the important stuff, not the exciting stuff



1. Set your expectations with yourself and your stakeholders

2. Work your butt off, hit it hard when need be

3. Don’t abuse your time off - clear the headspace (uninstall your work Apps!)