#57 - Branding for Accountants

Join the boys for another big episode this week, covering everything from marketing to Millennial’s. They address Xero’s financial results, bookkeeping resources, accounting surveys and a lot more.

For the 5 in 5 they’re joined by Carolyn Stebbing, founder of Little Village Creative, to cover five marketing tips for accountants in their branding and publicity. 

From The Trenches’ - Real Life in the Accounting Industry presented by Paul Meissner and David Boyar.


Branding for Accountants

Show Notes


4:03 Best on Ground



IFAC Global SMP Survey 2018


‘Asks a lot of good questions – the more Australian’s, the better the data’


Xero Next Chapter Growth: 2018 Financial Results


‘Congratulations to them, it’s always good to see where the market is at’



Lance Rubin: Excel is Not Dead!


Very pertinent, great to see!


Advice vs. Advisory: The Practitioners Viewpoint


Who really needs to do advisory?


GoDaddy’s Bookkeeping Resource


A great tool for the side hustlers


14:01 Worst on Ground



Deloitte Take 3 Months To Code Transactions

‘Who has time to wait that long?!’


CAANZ and CPA : ATO and TPB Coming For Agents

‘What have the professional bodies been doing?’



Accountants Slang Budget Breakdown


‘For me, it absolutely missed the mark’


24:30 5 in 5 Summary: Carolyn Stebbing

Dave and Paul are joined by Carolyn Stebbing, founder of Little Village Creative. Carolyn has worked in advertising her whole career, spanning big and small agencies as well as those she ran herself. She shares her five tips for honest and effective marketing strategies:


1.     What’s the commercial problem you’re solving? Be brutally realistic about the value proposition.

2.     Make what you stand for stand out.

3.     People engage more with a person, rather than a just brand.

4.     Play on what is relevant and what is valued.

5.     People, and their brands, need to be brave.  


30:50 In-Depth Topic

On the back of Carolyn’s comments, Dave and Paul share their three tips for marketing from their experience in the market:



1.     Image consistency.

2.     Link consistency

3.     Short and succinct taglines.



1.       Marketing: put yourself out there.

2.      SME's do business with people.

3.      Building relationships, become relatable.