#58 - Bookkeeper - Friend or Foe?

In Dave’s absence, Lielette Calleja joins Paul to tackle the hot topics surrounding bookkeeping, including advisory, referrals and even Millennials.

Join them as they dissect both sides to the story, as well as discuss what’s in the news from an accounting software, lending and financial planning standpoint.

Bookkeeper Friend or Foe

Show Notes


1:43 Best on Ground


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‘It never seemed to really take off’


Tax Knowledge and CPA Rank High For Financial Advice Among Investors


‘Do we know what they really want, and what we can provide?’


12:37 Worst on Ground


Insightful Accountant's Top 100 ProAdvisors for 2018

‘How many sets of lists or self-nominated awarts do we need?’


The Transparency of SME Lenders

‘Sounds like a scam to me’



Wiise Accounting Software


‘Comparing it to Xero or MYOB? At this price point?’


25:50 5 in 5 Summary:

In this week’s 5 in 5, Lielette and Paul delve into the hot topics surrounding bookkeeping – tackling them from different perspective, angles and insights. Below is a summary of the five topics they cover, join them to hear the debate!

Future of Bookkeeping (Millenials)

Do we build and train them? How important is it to continually reinvent ourselves


Accountants doing Bookkeeping

Should they bring it in house? What skillset do you need to do that?


Using Add-ons

How to stay on top of them all? Do they add value for the cost they come at?


Referral Arrangements?

How do you manage your leads? How does it affect your branding and value-add?


Where does Advisory Sit? What is Advisory?

How important is it to know the gaps and challenges in the market? What’s the low-hanging fruit to be gained?