#55 - Mental Health

We hope you enjoyed the special episode of From The Generals! Back in the Trenches this week, the boys continue to put the spotlight on the ATO, they look into the world of AI and start-ups and cover some interesting commentary that has come across their feed this week.

Tune in to hear Tim Hoopmann, Founder of Spinn Business Solutions and Beyondblue to cover initiatives, conversations, insights and experience to do with an incredibly important issue in our profession – mental health.

From The Trenches’ - Real Life in the Accounting Industry presented by Paul Meissner and David Boyar.


Episode 55 Mental Health

Show Notes


00:15 Best on Ground


ATO’s Tax Stats: Three Key Takeaways


‘Very informative, hits the mark.’



What Startups can Learn from Tax Relief


‘The Best Accounting Content Written by a Marketer’


How to Create a Blockchain Using Xero


Great insight into a prevalent topic.


How to Spot Bogus Polls in the News


Very interesting given the ‘people power’ making some big decisions these days.


18:54 Worst on Ground


WeWork Accounts for Consciousness


Taking adjustments to a new level.


Pizza Makers ‘Crippled’ by $2 million Tax Bill


‘The media always make them out to be victims’


Heather Townsend's Post


Sales first, numbers second?



Tax Agent Steals 1.3 Million from Clients but ATO Still Wants Tax


Incorrect portrayal of tax agents – there are integrity mechanisms in our profession.


37:30 5 in 5 Summary:

Tim Hoopmann is, by his own admission, a ‘business owner by trade’. He’s had a wealth of experience, including owning his own bookkeeping business and sat down with Dave to share his insight on business and the people behind it. Here’s a summary of what he had to say:


·      He took his business completely to Cloud-based bookkeeping services – making his offering 100% different to what it previously way

·      He felt that it defined workplace culture by not making people rely on others, engage with their software and made them feel better about their role

·      His involvement in Beyondblue stemmed from his ambition to give back unconditionally in a realm he had personal experience and a passion towards

·      He feels it’s fundamental for people to ultimately find what’s important to them, and suggested all business owners and leaders should check in with their staff about how they’re going – not necessarily what they’re doing.


58:30 In-Depth Topic:

On the back of the talk with Tim, below are some resources and initiatives the boys have found in the mental health space:


Paul’s Anxiety and Depression Checklist



Dave’s link to Head’s Up for Small Business