#60 - EOFY for Tax and Advisory Clients

It’s been a big week in the trenches, it was so nice we did it twice – two episodes in a week coming at you! Join us again as Dave and Paul keep you up to date with the perspectives and insights from various thought leaders, the latest news and the updates from Dave’s Accounting Awards nomination…

For the 5 in 5 they’re joined by Rebecca Mihalic, Co-Founder and Partner of Aptus Advisory, Australia’s Most Innovative Firm (how good does that sound?!). Finally, ahead of 30 June they delve into what’s high on the priority list for them at this time of year. 

Episode 60

Show Notes


1:28 Best on Ground


Xero HQ Google Hangouts Chat


‘Definitely worth having a look at’


Keran McKenzie’s Views on Cryptocurrencies


Spot on as always. 



Jason Andrew’s Customer Testimonial Video


We talk about him a lot, but he just produces so much good content.


BStar Executive Summary


Paul and Dave have some interesting – and contrasting – views on this one!


12:52 Worst on Ground


We Won’t Sell: Reckon


‘I haven’t seen them change for a long while’



Accountants Daily Awards

Dave didn’t win...


21:15 5 in 5 Summary:

As mentioned the boys are joined by Rebecca Mihalic, partner and co-founder of Aptus Advisory, to talk about what works for them in the automation, innovation and marketing space. Here’s a summary of what Rebecca had to say:

  • Aptus uses a comprehensive technological stack, including products and add-ons such as Small firm, Practice Ignition, Xero, ReceiptBank Futurely, ApprovalMax and Carbon
  • Aptus picked a marketing firm who specialise in accountants, who they feel better understanding their client base, can meet their goals around lead generation and search rankings and can boost staff profiles
  • When you innovate, it is key to have the ‘problem’ in mind that you are solving to ensure efficiency and return on investment

29:32 In Depth Topic:

30 June is fast approaching, so Dave and Paul give their perspective on what they focus on with their client base in the lead up to the end of the financial year:


  • Hopes and dreams: understanding strategic objectives and priorities
  • Cash flow: revenue distribution, debt leverage and tax implications
  • Accountability conversation: checking in on goals, objectives and priorities


  • Tax planning: albeit in a limited scope, it has to be done
  • Internal firm admin: set up jobs, train staff and review client base
  • Stay up to date: PAYG, Director’s wages etc.