#65 - End of Year Party

End of Financial Year. Party. Need we say more?


Join us for the From The Trenches EOFY Party, hosted by Dave and Paul to look back on what’s been another eventful year in the world of accounting. We’ve been with you every step of the way, to cover everything Dave and Paul reviewed the usual segments as well as a few surprises along the way.

Episode 65

Best of the Best:


  • Smart Biz solutions UK placement
  • CA Program reform
  • The amazingly open conversation with Tim Reed from MYOB


  • Pizza robot and Google AI booking robot
  • John Oliver Crypto video.
  • Intuit Giant video


Worst of the Worst:


  • Macquarie’s work ethic
  • William Buck Millennial Fail



  • CPA
  • MYP taking me to small claims court
  • Big4'splaining


5 in 5: BGL

  • You claim you’re the number 1 super and corporate services software, are you?
  • BGL is based in South Caulfield, how do you attract tech talent?
  • You’ve survived 3 main tech revolutions, how?
  • Business is about relationships, how long have you had your oldest client for?



Best Content, Best Contributor, Worst Marketing Ideas and the Most Overrated Buzzword


In Depth Topic: Predictions for the Year Ahead


  • As a business owner, I’ll still feel like I can’t keep up or don’t get done what I want
  • Accountants won’t trust partners
  • Blockchain and Bitcoin will still remain a mystery to most



  • Accountants still buried under the weight of compliance,
  • Software companies and their products will continue not to make the promised difference
  • AI will still be largely a myth.


From The Trenches’ - Real Life in the Accounting Industry presented by Paul Meissner and David Boyar.