#67 - How Do Accountants Learn?

Two episodes in one week! The boys are back in the trenches to discuss what came across their desk this week, covering business growth, social media and industry bodies.

Join them for the 5-in-5 where they chat to Cameron Poolman, CEO at OnDeck Capital Australia, as well as the in-depth topic this week which covers learning opportunites and platforms for accountants. 

Episode 67

Show Notes


1:02 Best on Ground


What Growth Isn’t: Rudi Jansen


An interesting take on growth and market share.


It’s Official: Open Plan Offices Are Now Dumbest Management Fad Of All Time


“I’ve always thought this”



What If They Steal All Clients


“I like this, it’s refreshing”


How To Make $1 Million In A Year


“It’s really practical, none of the click bait we usually see’


Proposed Legislation Tipped To Drive Compliance Work


“Isn’t it dead?”


12:42 Worst on Ground:


Accounting Top 100 Social Media Leaderboard


“What’s With Leaders?”



CPA’s Scramble As 90 Day Notice Period Education Deadlines Loom


“What A Folly”


21:37 5-in-5:

This week, Paul is joined by Cameron Poolman, CEO at OnDeck Capital Australia to chat about the role of FinTech in small business lending, the growth in the space and what it means for Australia. Here’s a summary of the questions posed to him:


- How does FinTech fit into the small business lending space?

- What do you see as the regulatory movements and changes?

- How do you view the impact of regulation in the future?


37:33 In Depth Topic:

Professional development is always vital, particularly as we’re busier than ever doing more and more things. Here’s a summary of the opportunities Paul and Dave feel are out there to help us learn and grow:



1. Tax discussion groups

2. Twitter and LinkedIn

3. Demo/trial new apps

4. Events and chatting to people.

5. Webinars



1. (Not) tax discussion groups

2. Twitter Feed

3. Reading

4. Meeting people at events

5. Business mentors and advisors