#64 - New (Financial) Year's Resolutions

Happy new financial year to all our loyal listeners, and happy birthday to From The Trenches as well! Another year, another episode coming your way discussing tax legislation, the corporate lifestyle, rate surveys and the service industry.

For the in-depth topic this week, Dave and Paul discuss their goals and priorities for the year ahead. Don’t miss out.

Episode 64

Show Notes

1:35 Best on Ground


Break Even Point Your Service Industry Game by Lielette Calleja



David’s Performance at TEDx Open Mic

He came third out of hundreds of submissions!



2018 Rate Survey


‘This report is bloody fantastic’


9:08 Worst on Ground


From Today I’ll Be Paying $45 A Day To Go To Work


‘It’s just an elitist whinge’


Labor’s Frustrating Company Tax Repeal Will Cost Jobs: Evolve Skateboards


‘Poor leadership, poor direction’



Australia’s Fatigue Epidemic: Corporate Life is Wearing Us Down and Damaging Our Productivity


‘Really made me reflect on my career’


27:15 In Depth Topic:

Dave and Paul discuss their new financial year resolutions from a business point of view, here’s a summary of what they had to say:


  • Sack some clients!
  • Cut back on volunteer roles
  • Continue to build the Freedom Accounting system


  • Look at ALL opportunities coming his way
  • Continue the Thursday morning daddy day care
  • Expand his networks and connections