#68 - Client Expectations From Advisory

A whole range of topics to keep you in the loop this week, everything from LinkedIn scams to cookie stores to CPD ransoms! Join Dave and Paul as they break down what came across their desk and as always we’d love to hear any thoughts, comments or suggestions.

Episode 68

Show Notes

We’re very excited to announce BGL Corporate Solutions as our new sponsor, stay tuned for the new segment coming soon!   


3:08 Best on Ground:


David Boyar speaking at TedX Melbourne about ‘why we should listen to accounting’

Ethan’s App update question.



How QuickBooks Nearly Doubled Traffic By Deleting Half Its Content


‘This one is fascinating’


New Board Appointments Announced at IPA


‘Congrats Tim!’


Doughbies Cookies Shut Down


‘You can’t scale non-SAAS businesses ‘


14:27 Worst on Ground:


Paul’s LinkedIn scam!

Post conference evaluation form used as ransom for CPD hours.



Seven Small Business Accounting Solutions


This missed the mark a bit.


In Depth Topic:

The in-depth topic this week covers client expectations, specifically the services, obligations, knowledge sharing and deliverables involved in the partnership.

Join Dave and Paul as they discuss what it means to them, specifically talking about the financial and non-financial obligations, the articulation of the services provided, strategic partnerships to expand your expertise and ascertaining a suitable pricing scheme.