#69 - What Makes the Firm of the Future?

It’s ALWAYS a big week in accounting, but this week especially so. Join Dave and Paul for another packed episode discussing Xero’s acquisition, accounting polls, the rise and rise of social media and a couple of the Big 4 doing some interesting things.

The in-depth topic is one on everyone’s lips: the future of work. Tune in to hear them discuss what makes a firm prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. 

Episode 69

Show Notes


1:09 Best on Ground:


ATO Raids: ‘This Was Really Interesting’




‘The good, bad and the ugly’



Xero Buys Hubdoc for $94m It Its Biggest Ever Deal


‘Bombshell news!’


15:37 Worst on Ground:


Mansplaining Explained In One Chart


‘LinkedIn becoming Twitter?!’



EY Relocates Diggers and Dealers Event in Kalgoorlie To Skip Skimpies


‘They love their clients, but only so far’


What KPMG Partner Darren Scammell, Retired at 53, Did Next


‘Seems baffling to me’


23:41 In Depth Topic:

The future is work is incredibly vital to grasp however you are, but particularly for the accounting industry. Dave and Paul have done extensive reading and have experienced for themselves what it takes to prepare for the future, and unpack what they feel are the three components for success in ‘preparing your firm for the future’:

  • Sales and Marketing: Top Line Growth
  • Technology: How You Do Your Work
  • Technical Knowledge: Core Offerings That You Sell

They discuss the intersection of these three elements and ask the question: what if you only have two of them? If you resonate with what you hear and think your firm could be one for the future, head to Intuit’s ‘Firm of the Future’ competition at: intuit.promo.eprize.com/firmofthefuture2018/