102. Being Present: The victim of the work from anywhere culture

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Indepth: Being Present - The victim of the work from anywhere culture

Work life balance used to be about the amount of time you spent at work. But with more and more people not really having an ‘’at work’’ mode or place, work is kind of everywhere all the time. This puts pressure on being present.

Now Australia overall doesn't have it that bad, according to the OECD better life index, we rank 30/38 countries for working "very long hours" (50 or more) with just 13.8% of us doing so and the trend is down .2% since 2005.

What impact does this have on: you, your family, staff and clients? This was an issue raised in an earlier FTT episode where we were joined by both Paul and David's FCA fathers - how does this new generation deal with being 'aways on'?

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