111. Interview: Joseph Healy, CEO at Judo Bank (Live from SOFY Party)

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Listen to David and Paul as they interview Joseph Healy from Judo Bank, LIVE at the SOFY Party, as they discuss about the banking industry, the economy and Judo Bank.

The cover:

  • Bank controversies and where banks have missed out the needs of the small and medium sized businesses

  • How major banks are so focused on their profit maximisation and have made a huge mistake when they lost sight of their social license.

  • The uniqueness of Judo Bank where the major banks have fallen off

  • One of Joseph's major regrets in agreeing to outsource financial analysis to India at NAB where it dropped banks costs to 30% but also reduced the quality as well.

  • Judo Bank's first actual operating day and how they compete with the big major banks.

Finally, Joseph responds to some crowd queries regarding the banking industry.

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