114. Indepth : Process vs. Systems

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On the back of a tweet from a self confessed (USA) thought Leader who is just flogging software. Paul asked, “Should small businesses start with a review of the tech available or start with their own processes and how to improve it which might include software?”


  1. Use swimlanes to map processes

  2. I use asana for my processes, for example we have a month end system for a client that covers what checks need to be done on automated data dumps, how to check manual journal calcs, what info we need from different people and asana is system used to CONTROL the process

  3. Balance what you need with what tech can do.


3 tips for the Process vs Systems dilema:

  1. Technology Must Start with Streamlined Processes

  2. Solve a Problem. Don’t Just use a New System

  3. Process Mapping

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