114. How to Stop Payroll Scandals with Ben Thompson from Employment Hero

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Listen to David as he interviews Ben Thomson, the Founder and CEO of Employment Hero, as they discuss about how they raised $22 million and how they are on a mission to reduce the number of wage scandals.

The cover:

  • Why we are partnering with Employment Hero.

  • What they are going to spend their $22 million on.

  • The journey to becoming a hero in payroll scandals and how to become a great employer.

  • Taking on the mental health of the members and how Employment Hero help with this.

  • From making mistakes to running a tech business and how Ben built a massive company.

  • The fundamental source of the big scandals.

  • Finally, Ben talks about how they provide value to their clients.

Head to www.employmenthero.com/ftt to find out how they can help your clients.

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