117. How To Sell To Accountants



  • Demo’s not lectures. I don’t want to hear your views on timesheets, how I bill my clients, etc. I want to see the product and what it does.

  • Practice your pitch(s). “It does everything” - NO, “it’s for every client” - NO. What’s the problem it solves, how does it solve it and what do the results look like. Pick 3

  • You don’t need to show everything the system does. People won’t remember the lot, so just impress them with 1-2 big things. Find the problem it solves for the person/people you are addressing. Are they new to cloud, established, etc.

  • Swag - useful not plastic


  • Ask me about my business first and change your pitch depending on the answer

  • If you aren’t experienced, don’t try to close

  • Try to start a relationship, accountants are slow buyers

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