81. Non Technical Conferences

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Paul went to Gary V and David went to Singapore, what happened?

Show Notes

Are Start Ups a Ponzi Scheme? https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/10/10/start-up-economy-is-a-ponzi-scheme-says-chamath-palihapitiya.html

ASIC grows some teeth https://www.theage.com.au/business/companies/michael-clarke-backed-cryptocurrency-folds-after-asic-comes-knocking-20181022-p50b88.html

Beautiful Excel Art https://www.ejstevens.com/collections/spreadsheet-art

Awkward ATO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9MkzzAfNhI

App overload? More like app marketing overload! https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/1-simple-trick-avoiding-app-overload-hugh-walker/

Bots just won't take over https://taxbot.com/

#79 Xero Small Business Insights Report

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Paul is back in the country and joins David to discuss the Xero Small Business Insights Reports.

We debate the issues around whether connected apps assist business growth. Some really interesting results came out of the report and we break it down.

Plus, David recaps the successful MYOB Partner Connect, we look at the MYOB take over, Accountech.live, World Mental Health Day and why people need to stop copying other people’s websites.

Interview: Bernard Salt

Bernard Salt

After a long career as one of Australia's most respected demographers (indeed most didn't know what a demographer was before him) Bernard made international headlines when he suggested that expensive avo on toast brunch's won't help a millennial buy a house.

One group agreed with him, accountants!!

David sat down with Bernard at Xerocon for a witty and entertaining chat about

  • How Xero's Small Business Insights produces a creative and insightful database puts big data for use by small business owners

  • How big data still needs someone to explain what it means and what should be done but won't make everyone unemployable (good news accountants)

  • Why smashed avo should be the new national dish and what to do when satire doesn't work

  • Why passion drives his work

  • Why data is a conversation on art vs science

  • Why politicians with a an unfunded vision should still be rewarded

  • Why we can't build big infrastructure that lasts

  • Why envy of the entrepreneur is not good for society

  • Why Farmers are our best entrepreneurs

The interview is fun, witty and showcases the genuine passion of someone who is committed too story telling the real Australia.


75. Women in Accounting with Heather Smith and Steph Hinds

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Is accounting a meritocracy? Are men and women progressing equally?

Probably not. The pay gap is real between men and women and some say the old boys club still exists.

We unpack what the old boys club is, discuss if a female only awards is good or bad, and get some tips

We hear that women should push for pay rises and there is room for more thought leadership to guide women on how to do so.

Heather Smith believes that the female accounting awards is a good thing because of the way it brings women into events and creates a network for women and men to build from but we are probably drowning in awards at the moment.

Steph Hinds will never enter a women's only award or join women's group in part because she has never experienced the glass ceiling and has never felt discrimination.

Small business has an ability to just role up the sleeves and just get things done without considering the sex of the person getting the job done.

We talk about the role of quotas of women on boards. But we have a responsibility to watch the way we talk to young people about their futures. If we let think think they are different, then they may act that way.

David observes that for the most part, Australian business doesn't care about your religion or nationality or sex, that's part of the Aussie culture but that it becomes easier as you become more established in your career.