Episode #2 Accounting Business Expo (plus a big exclusive)

David Boyar and Paul Meissner take a detailed review of the newest industry event, Accounting Business Expo  (ABE). 

Paul is an experienced industry event attendee and speaker whilst David hosted a panel and exhibited. They share their experiences and go strait to the source with a special From the Trenches Exclusive.

We answer - How many unique visitors were there at ABE?

Paul Interviews Event Director Laura Venables for our high intensity 5 in 5 segment whilst David grills Sholto McPherson, ABE's head of content. 

Our Best on Ground covers Xero hitting the 1m user mark and a network so fed up with their skill shortage that they built their own MBA program. 

The dreaded Worst On Ground covers a certain awards ceremony stuff up  and a coffee cart sponsorship that.....made you pay for coffee!