#49 The Problem with Referral Arrangements and How to Fix It



Show Notes:


0:22 Best on Ground


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‘Balanced opinion, great industry insight – massive tick this month.’

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‘A good, honest look - something I’ll be using in my firm.’



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‘Accounting industry information overload – we need to learn to say no.’

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In accounting, big news is usually bad news.


8:20 Worst on Ground


The Accountant’s Guide to AI, Cloud Software and the Robot Revolution https://www.accountingtoday.com/opinion/the-accountants-guide-to-artificial-intelligence-cloud-software-and-the-robot-revolution

Rise of the robo-accountants.

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Enough Said.



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We have to come to grips, quickly.


24:05 5 in 5 Summary:

We’re joined Phil Beaney, Owner and Management Accountant at South Rock Advisory, on what it’s like being a virtual CFO:

·      Whereas accountants cover a range of compliance, reporting and structuring engagements, a virtual CFO creates linkages between operational parts and financial outcomes

·      The relationship is not something you can achieve quickly – it takes long term discussion with client to ride through the challenges

·      There’s no silver bullet for ‘I’ve got an accountant’ – you need to articulate the commercial challenge and depth of knowledge needed

·      The biggest challenge is connecting with clients, and now knowing where revenue is coming from,


30:44 In-Depth Topic:

What does a successful referral relationship look like? How do you put a number on success? This week the boys tackle referral arrangements and strategic partnerships from all angles.

Paul fundamentally thinks referral relationships don’t work. He feels it’s often purely about ‘what’s in it for me?’ without simply being able to refer someone whilst maintaining independence, credibility and accountability.

Dave on the other hand felt referral relationships were an integral factor in his business, and believes the emergence of a network of advisors is an accountants true competitive advantage and a key value-add to clients. Saying this, the easiest way to lose clients is to refer someone you don’t know or more importantly, don’t trust.