#59 - The Trials and Tribulations of Technology

Dave is back, and the band is back together for another big episode in the world of accounting! The boys discuss tax time, technology reports and the accounting software landscape that made the news this week.

They chat to Greg Murphy, founder of Unleashed Software, about the product and principles behind his business and delve into what technology means for accounting in the in-depth topic.

From The Trenches’ - Real Life in the Accounting Industry presented by Paul Meissner and David Boyar.


Episode 59

Show Notes


1:07 Best on Ground


Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty


‘Clearly, unpaid superannuation is a massive issue.’


GBU Technology Report


Stay in tune and in time with the trends.  


ATO Tax Time Toolkit

‘Very easy guides for what to do and what not to do.’



QBC Update

Dave tells the story of the content, the crowd and the creators.


14:18 Worst on Ground


The Reckon Deal Falls Through

A lot of conjecture about why it happened and what it means.


Tax Submission Article

‘It sounds like a client trying to get advice from two different sources’



Tax Planning Money

The boys discuss what’s needed and how it should be done.


30:05 5 in 5 Summary:

For the 5 in 5 this week, Paul chats to Greg Murphy – founder of Unleashed Software – who chats about his journey with inventory software. Here are the key takeaways:

·      Greg is currently focused on the partner channel – both accounting and bookkeeping

·      His principle for the product is that you don’t have to do it if it’s not your forte – skill up just enough to be able to advise on it

·      This creates wins all round: the client gets a solution, the accountant serves their role as an advisor and the subscribers get the revenue

·      When entering a product relationship, don’t just ask about price and features – ask how long they’ve been in the game, where they’re based and how they can support you


37:08 In Depth Topic:

For the in-depth topic this week, the boys go through three problems with technology we now have to deal with that we never had to before:


·      Everything becomes urgent & important – we need new skills to sort it.

·      The mobile is not a safe zone for mental health – we’re always required to be ‘on’.

·      Increasing subscription fees, yet a low RO because we don't use all the features.



·      We’re always connected - clients know that and therefore demand more.

·      Getting sold a dud - when the technology doesn’t do what is promised.

·      Needing to sell something that can’t be sold – especially when we’re not sure why we bought it. 

·      Becoming the go to IT support for clients!