#51 What We Learned About Expo's

Everything you need to know in the wash up from the Accounting Business Expo: what they liked, what they didn’t like and how to get the most out of it for next time. Elysse Morgan stops by to give her insight on the intricacies of interviews and the boys cover everything from reverse swing to conventional accounting.

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Show Notes


0:21 Best on Ground




David’s Chartered Accountant Fellowship

David: ‘I feel very united in this profession’


What is Bitcoin, In Short


‘What is actually is. What it actually does.’




Dr Neil Constable On A Mission To Update Corporate Books



When Everyone is Special, No One is


‘Is this the end of Special Purpose Financial Reporting?’


10:46 Worst on Ground




No Response To Chris Jordan From The Professional Bodies

‘Surely. Even Eddie McGuire defends Collingwood.’




Census Points To Fall In Share Of Business Owners


Is entrepreneurialism REALLY the next big thing?


PwC Accused Of Cheating Firm Out Of $138mn.


‘Love seeing the big boys get in hot water’


22:25 5 in 5 Summary:

David and Paul catch up with Elysse Morgan at ABE to get her perspective on interview styles and approach toward them.


·      Before each interview, she asks herself: What do I want to get out of it? What will keep people interested in this?

·      She keeps in mind the different audience perspectives and subject matter preferences

·      She talks to the interviewees beforehand about interview outcomes and builds rapport

·      She usually eases them into the interview, unless she’s looking for an authentic and genuine response where she’ll give no warning or warming


26:10 In-Depth Topic:


In the aftermath of the Accounting Business Expo, the boys break down what they liked, what they didn’t like and what they’d recommend for your approach next time.


What We Liked:

·      Great to chat to all the vendors and business

·      Chance to see different people and build diverse relationships

·      Good to catch up with exhibitors, specifically those playing in the mid-market and SME space


What We Didn’t Like:

·      Often there were more vendors than attendees in certain spaces

·      Most of the content that weren’t panel discussions were product pitches

·      There were too many sessions, and hard to predict what the content would be like


How To Make A Conference A Success:

·      Pick two problems, software needs or value additions for your business

·      Research about what’s available and where to find them

·      Go about networking, connecting and discussing to address the identified gaps